Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weird Things I've Seen: Pantiality

Unlike Experiences From My Life, this new segment entitled Weird Things I've Seen is going to be about awkward, confusing, or just flat out weird things I see at any point in my day.

I was walking back from the gym on a quite warm and sunny afternoon. Across the street I see a man stop walking and kneel down to the ground. Immediately I assume this man is going to tie his shoes, as is the perfectly acceptable assumption. This man DID make an adjustment to his shoes. However, I was a little off.

I could not help but watch as this man took hold of the tongue of his shoe in one hand, and in the other his pant leg. He pulled the tongue forward and proceeded to tuck the pant leg behind the tongue of his shoe. The man then continued, repeating his actions on the other leg.

If you are confused, which is completely understandable, allow me to provide another pictorial:

From this:

To this:

Can anyone possibly tell me what the point of this was? The man seemed rather proficient at completing the movement as well, making it clearly obvious that it was not the first time he had done this. Is this some sort of fashion thing? Is it cool to have your pants tucked behind your shoe?

Or maybe it wasn't for aesthetics. Perhaps it serves some sort of functionality. Let us explore the difference in pants functionality, or pantiality, between the two styles...

In the image above, the airflow (represented by the sky blue lines) can
be seen to travel easily around the shoe.
However, when it hits the pant leg, it stops, causing resistance.

Here, the airflow can be seen to travel around the shoe as before,
but as the air hits the tongue of the shoe, it travels upward, eliminating resistance.

So the only logical explanation is that this man was having difficulty walking due to the amount of wind resistance. He adjusted his pants and shoes to lower this resistance, thereby making his travels much less strenuous.

There you have it. Through the 100% scientific analysis that is MS Paint, I have easily uncovered the mystery behind this phenomenon.

That, or it is complete bullshit.


  1. it's a guy trying to emulate skinny jeans without getting them?

  2. Soup-port!

  3. Showing my DAILY support I REALLY need yours aswell!!

  4. I lol'd at the seriousness of this post =D I am forever pulling mine from BEHIND the tongue ;]

  5. @Slumph

    Even though you laughed, I'm glad you recognized the absolute urgency of the situation presented here. Maybe now though you will realize that your pants are working to your advantage....