Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Impressions: Weezer's "Hurley"

I'll preface this post by saying this: I like Weezer. That is, I enjoy the albums that I have, and I listen to those songs somewhat regularly. However, my close-following with the band ended with the album Maladroit. After that, I lost interest in the newer material. When the insanely popular single "Beverly Hills" was somehow stalking me, playing everywhere I went each hour of my day, I realized very quickly how much I disliked the song.

This caused me to never give the album a complete listen.

This is a First Impressions post because I have yet to listen to ANY music from the new album. Everything I hear about the album, however, is completely negative. To be honest, I cannot recall hearing a single good thing about the album since its release. Maybe I have, but it was just quickly drowned in a sea of negativity.

Allow me to provide a brief pictorial of what I have been hearing:

I was initially eager to listen to the album upon it's release. Prior to it's scheduled release the album managed to be available for (illegal) download. This caused the band to put the album up for free (streaming) on their myspace. I still have yet to take advantage of the free streaming access, and due to all of the negative comments I am less and less concerned with making time to do so.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. This could potentially be a great album, but due to first impressions, I am in no rush to give it a chance.

I will eventually.

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