Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Topic Friday: Mac Vs Pc

Welcome to the first ever Free Topic Friday! Since there was only one suggestion for a topic, it was the automatic winner!

Well, there are plenty of areas to take a debate between Macs and PCs. However, since there are plenty of sites that discuss in length (perhaps too much length) the comparisons of hardware and software, I feel I should use this opportunity to discuss a little bit about the advertising campaigns that we have seen.

Everyone is familiar with the brilliant advertising campaign: "I'm a Mac." "I'm a PC." Of course, in each of these commercials, the character playing the PC is meant to look like someone's uncool uncle who spends all his time collecting his receipts for tax season. The Mac, on the other hand, is the trendy young adult whose cool demeanor remains unchanged no matter what fancy shenanigan the PC may have up his sleeve.

Face it. It's brilliant advertising and there is nothing you can do to change that.

But what does PC have?

Granted, Windows has done its best to reply with it's own commercials of "I'm a PC, and Windows 7 was my idea." With these commercials, the consumer shows off some new or "exciting" feature that a machine running Windows 7 can do, and they explain how it was because of some inept realization they had while they were in the shower, or some other mundane situation. Features?! Who wants features?! Think about these commercials and how they compare to the Mac commercials. What do you recall from the Mac commercials you have seen? Do you remember the things that they may have listed that Macs are supposed to do better than PCs? Or do you remember that they make the PC character look foolish in every situation?

Go ahead, I'll wait.

I think the answer is pretty obvious. While some of the more tech-minded people will be able to list some features, the overwhelming majority just remember the gimmick of the commercial. This is why Macs have grown so rapidly in popularity. It isn't the hardware, it isn't the software, it's the marketing.

Personally I'm a PC user and a Zune user. I use a PC because my knowledge of computing is heavily based around the PC, so I can handle any problems that may arise. The Zune I bought because I was able to get a good deal on it. What Zune advertising campaign to I remember? None. What iPod campaign?

I think we can recall pretty easily.


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    I was a die-hard PC user for 5 years until i purchased a Mac.

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  9. You want to know what's really amazing? Talk about a Mac anywhere in any other country it's not as popular. Literally we are the only country who uses Mac products as much as we do. Everywhere else it's nowhere near being that popular.

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