Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Technology, Why Are You An Asshole? Part 2

Just wanted to write a follow-up to this post.

I received the replacement battery, opened my Zune (well aware that it was already out of warranty) and replaced the battery with ease.

I then concluded the battery was not the issue, as suspected.

  1. Send the Zune to Microsoft for repair at the cost of $160
  2. Order a new motherboard (which will fix the issue) at a cost of $80 and hope nothing else goes wrong with my (purchased as refurbished) Zune
  3. Get something new.
I'm opting very heavily for number 4, and at the moment of writing this post am eyeing some iPod touches.


Well, to be honest I initially wanted the Zune HD. However, when completing my own research and comparative end (as any savvy consumer should do) I have realized that the iPod just has better features. For example, applications and web display. There is a certain radio station I enjoy listening to (due to the talk show in the morning) and while the Zune does receive radio, I can easily download an app that will stream the station via wifi. This might be in the Zune marketplace as well, but I have a final reason:

Due to the fact that my Zune suddenly and without warning failed on me, combined with the well-known failure rate of the xbox-360, it is safe to say my faith in Microsoft's hardware integrity is wavering slightly.

Already knowing the majority of you are probably iPod users, what are your feelings?


  1. yeah. maybe get something with android.

  2. Personally, I have one of the original Zunes that still works perfectly to this day. The only reason I bought a iTouch was because I lost it (Found it again 4 months later). Took me 2 months to decide to buy an iTouch. I can say that I'm happy with the over all quality and glad I bought it. I know my father bought the Zune HD but I have no clue what he does with it.