Monday, September 20, 2010

Technology, Why Are You An Asshole?

Remember a while back when I told you I have a Zune?

Yup. Me too.

Anyway, the reason I bring this back up is because I was at the gym the other day, listening to a podcast on my Zune and everything was fantastic. I was in a world of untouched beauty and comedy, and nothing could possibly bring me down. Then, as I peered down at my technological wonderland, I noticed the battery was getting low. "No problem," I thought to myself. "I'll just charge it when I get back home."

Cut to home.

So I plug my Zune into the AC charger. It lights up for a moment, then... nothing.

Confused, I figured maybe I would try the original USB charger the Zune was shipped with. Perhaps there was just some sort of malfunction with my third-party a/c adapter. After plugging the Zune directly into the computer, I quickly realized the same thing was happening.

Damn. What could this mean?

There were two immediate options that came to mind. First, there is the option that there is something wrong with the pin connector. This would mean that the Zune is not properly connecting to whatever it is plugged into. The other option is that it is just a battery issue. This is also possible, and I am EXTREMELY hopeful that this is the only thing wrong.

At this time I have ordered a replacement battery, thanks to the magic that is ebay. This of course is my only option, as the Zune is WELL out of warranty, and sending it in for maintenance would cost around $160. At that cost, I might as well wait and buy something new and better.

My experience technology is normally fantastic. However, it should be known that these items are completely capable of failing, and most of the time this happens without warning.

This. Is. Frustrating.

There is another similar yet more expensive experience that pops into my mind that I may discuss later on. However, for now I am curious: What are your experiences with failing technology?


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  1. I remember the day i couldn't use my PSP anymore ): I had just downloaded CFW and finally started playing some roms on my psp. A week later the screen cracked...

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