Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Creative Process

The creative process? Is there really a process?

I always find it difficult to be creative when I'm trying to be creative. Every time I have sit down to create a new video (or any other project for that matter) I always have the hardest time thinking of anything. I have tried a few different "creative exercises" including the one where you just make a list of 100 things. I liked making the list, and it had some unique ideas, but I didn't get to 100 because quite honestly I got bored of it.

That's another problem of mine. I get bored quite easily.

So what is one to do when creativity is unattainable?

Obviously, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I have pushed several ideas into fruition. Most recently, ideas that make little to no sense. Flying into the mouth of the sun? A heavy metal song about steak? Along with a acid-trip style music video? Yeah, I'm not entirely sure anyone would call this "creative" or "artistic," or perhaps those would be the best ways to describe it.

I have come to terms with my "creatively challenged" nature and have decided to do the best thing I can for myself: make whatever comes to mind. It's pretty simple. If I have an idea, no matter how absolutely ridiculous it may seem, I'll make it. While before I may have written it off because I knew it would come off as being abstract or obscure (or just plain weird) I will now be making anything that comes to mind.

I hope you all enjoy the absolute train wrecks that my mind creates.


  1. very inspurational


  2. touching

  3. its called being human...

  4. I know what you mean xD But oh well being creative is quite hard.

  5. I think people either are creative, or not. If you think about musicians (REAL musicians, not the ones on the top10 list), authors and painters at least. But otherwise, cool story bro! following